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[煎蛋小学堂]你的耳龄有多大? 节目简介: 你是不是对日常生活中一些稀松平常的现象产生过好奇心? 到底为什么会是酱紫的呢? 科普类视频节目《煎蛋小学堂》几分钟为让你茅塞顿开,双语文本+视频+MP3更是不容错过的英语口语、口译好素材呢~~ 还在等什么,一起来一场对未知世界的奇妙探索之旅吧~~ 参考双语文本: As we grow older, we often lose the extrements of our hearing spectrum. So how many of the following sounds can you hear?
随着年龄的增长,我们会失去听力系统中的极端部分。下面这几段声音 你能听到多少种?

How old are your ears? OK, if you can hear 8000Hz, you are both alive and not hearing impaired. But let's keep raising the frequency. How high could you hear? If you could hear all of those frequencies, you are probably under 20 years old. But that won't last forever. Unlike other organs such as the liver or skin, the inner ear does not have the capacity to regenerate.

In your ear, there are thousands of tiny nerve cells celled "Hair Cells". These are responsible for picking up different frequencies, and sending the signal to the brain where it's processed. But as you age, the continue exposure to noise and loud sounds can break, bend and destroy these cells.
在你的耳内分布着数千微小的神经细胞“听毛细胞“。它们各自负责捕捉不同的频率并把信号送到大脑内做进一步处理。但在你年龄增长时, 持续暴露在噪音和高响度声音将会破坏、弯曲并毁灭这些细胞。

So, why do the high frequencies go first? It turns out that the hair cells tune to high pitches are the first to encounter sound waves. As a result, they experience more stress and tend to degenerate earlier. Which is why the older you are, the harder you hear high pitches. Got a burning question you want an answer?
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