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[煎蛋小学堂]为何满月更迷人? 节目简介: 你是不是对日常生活中一些稀松平常的现象产生过好奇心? 到底为什么会是酱紫的呢? 科普类视频节目《煎蛋小学堂》几分钟为让你茅塞顿开,双语文本+视频+MP3更是不容错过的英语口语、口译好素材呢~~ 还在等什么,一起来一场对未知世界的奇妙探索之旅吧~~ 参考双语文本: Winter is unquestionably the best season-for skiing and for full moons. We're lucky enough to have winters, because the earth's plane of rotation is tilted relative to its orbit. This means that when part of the earth is tilted towards the sun, the sun stays in the sky for a longer amount of time each day, and it's warm out. Summer! Of course, six months later when that part of the earth is tilted away from the sun, the sun is lower in the sky and doesn't stay up as long.

This might make winter darker, but you can think of it as bonus time pointing towards interstellar space! And, as I said before, winter has the best full moons. The moon is new when it's on the same side of the earth as the sun, and it doesn't reflect any light on us. This also means the new moon generally mirrors the sun on its journey across the sky it more or less rises and sets with the sun and follows a similar path.
这让冬天更黑暗,不过,你可以视其为面向星空地时间更长了!正如我之前说,冬天的满月最美。当地月在太阳同一侧时出现的是新月。月球不向我们反射任何光线。这也意味着新月在空中划过的轨迹与太阳相近 它差不多与太阳同升同落、轨迹相近。

On the other hand, the moon is full when it's on the opposite side of the earth from the sun; its whole face reflecting the sun's light back at us. Because of this opposite position, a full moon is only ever up at night, rising at sunset and setting at sunrise, and it consequently also behaves the way the sun does in the opposite season.

When a part of the earth is tilted towards the full moon, it's tilted away from the sun-and vice versa. So a summer full moon is like a winter sun, only appearing for a few hours and staying close to the horizon.

But a winter full moon is like a summer sun; it's up for a long time and takes a high path through the sky. In the darkest months, the moon, at least when it's full, gives us long, beautifully lit nights. Combined with a quiet, blanket of snow and the shimmering aurora, how can you not love winter?
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