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翻译练习一:唐朝 唐朝始于618年,终于907年,是中国历史上最灿烂的时期。经过三百年的发展,唐代中国成为世界上最繁荣的强国,其首都长安是世界上最大的都市,这一时期,经济发达,商业繁荣,社会秩序稳定,甚至边境也对外开放,随着城市化的财富的增加,艺术和文学也繁荣起来。李白和杜甫是以作品简洁自然而著称的诗人。他们的诗歌打动了学者和普通人的心,即使在今天,他们的许多诗歌仍广为儿童及成人阅读背诵。 参考译文: The Tang dynasty, which began in 618 and ended in 907, is generally regarded as the most prosperous period in Chinese history. After three hundred years of development, the Tang Dynasty has become the most prosperous power around the world. Its capital Chang’ an was the largest city in the world at that time. During this period, economy developed, commerce thrived, social order was stable, and even the border was open to the outside. Wealth increased due to urbanization, art and literature also flourished. Li Bai and Du Fu are poets who are renowned for their simple and natural writing style. Their poems touched the hearts of scholars and ordinary people; even today, many of their poems are still widely read and recited by children and adults. 重点注释: Tang dynasty:唐朝 is regarded as…:把……视为,认为……是 was the largest city in the world 世界上最大的城市 注:地道的表达是用largest,尽量少用biggest economy developed, commerce thrived, social order was stable 经济发达,商业繁荣,社会秩序稳定 flourished:(flourish的过去式)兴旺,繁荣 are renowned for:因……而闻名 翻译练习二:秦朝 秦朝是中国历史上第一个统一的、多民族的、中央集权的、封建王朝(feudal dynasty)。尽管秦朝只持续了15年,但是它在中国历史上扮演着重要角色,对后续朝代产生了重大影响。为了巩固国家统一,维持秦朝永传万代,秦始皇在政治、经济、军事和文化上进行了很多改革。政治上,他宣布自己就是这个国家的皇帝,手握重权。经济上,他统一了度量衡(weights and measures)和货币。另外,他还统一了文字以及车轮之间的距离。世界奇迹—万里长城也是他命令建造的。 译文: The Qin Dynasty was the first unitary,multi-nationaland power-centralized,feudal dynasty in Chinese history.Although lasting only for 15 years,it played an important role in Chinese history and exerted a great influence on the following dynasties.Tostrengthen the unity of the nation and to perpetuate the Qin Dynasty, Emperor Qin Shi Huang carried out many reforms in politics,economy,military affairs and culture.In politics,he declared himself the emperor of the stale in possession of all major powers.In economy,he standardized weights and measures as well as money.In Addition,he standardized the written characters and the distance between two wheels.The miracle of the world,the Great Wall of China was also built under his order. 重点注释: unitary,multi-nationaland power-centralized,feudal dynasty 统一的、多民族的、中央集权的、封建王朝 perpetuate:使永恒,使持续 exerted a great influence on:对……有极大地影响 strengthen the unity of the nation:巩固国家统一 in possession of:占有,拥有 weights and measures:度量衡
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