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翻译是英语学习的基本功,那么如何学好翻译呢?可以在平时积累一些词汇并进行不断的练习。 翻译练习一:瓷器 唐朝时期,人们就在昌南建造窑坊(kiln),烧制出一种青白瓷(bluish white porcelain)。青白瓷色彩晶莹,有“人造玉器“的美称,因而远近闻名,并大量出口欧洲。当时,欧洲人还不会制造瓷器,因此中国特别是昌南镇的瓷器很受欢迎。 在欧洲,昌南镇瓷器是备受珍爱的贵重物品,人们以能获得一件昌南镇瓷器为荣。因此,欧洲人就以“昌南“作为瓷器和生产瓷器的“中国“的代称。久而久之,欧洲人就把昌南的本意忘却了,只记得它是“瓷器“,即“中国“了。 参考译文: In the Tang Dynasty, people started to build kilns to make bluish white porcelain in Changnan. The bluish white porcelain was glittering and had the reputation of artificial jade, so it became famous home and abroad and was exported to Europe in large amount. At that time, Europeans were not able to make porcelain,so porcelain from China, especially from Changnan, was warmly welcomed. In Europe, porcelain from Changnan was luxurious article cherished by everyone, and obtaining even one piece of it would make people feel very proud. In this way, Europeans used Changnan as the code name for china (porcelain) and the place of its production, China. Gradually, Europeans forgot the original meaning of Changnan, only remembering it is “china“, namely“China“. 重点讲解: build kilns:建造窑坊 bluish white porcelain:青白瓷 glittering:闪闪发亮的 the reputation of:……的美称 artificial jade:人造玉器 became famous home and abroad:远近闻名的 luxurious article cherished :备受珍爱的贵重物品 code name:代称,化名 翻译练习二:儒家思想 儒家思想是中国传统文化的基石。它出现在大约2500年前的春秋时期(the Spring and Autumn Period),是建立在夏、商、周朝的传统文化之上,并由孔子创立的完整观念体系(ideological system)。儒家思想博大精深,涵盖了人性、政治、法律、教育、哲学、道德各个领域。儒家文化以人本哲学(humanistic philosophy)为依托,这表现在它对人类个体的尊敬、关注和热爱。总而言之,儒家文化是世界文化遗产的重要组成部分,是东方文化的代表,也是中国文化传统的中流砥柱。 参考译文: Confucianism is the cornerstone of traditional Chinese culture. Founded about 2500 years ago in the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucianism is a complete ideological system created by Confucius, based on the traditional culture of the Xia, Shang, Zhou Dynasties. It is extensive and profound, covering on humanistic philosophy, politics, education, philosophy and ethics. Confucian culture rests on humanistic philosophy, which is shown in its respect, attention to and love of human individuals. In brief, Confucian culture is an important component of world cultural heritage, a major representative of oriental culture, and the dominant facet of Chinese cultural tradition. 重点讲解: Confucianism :儒家思想 the cornerstone of :……的基石 the Spring and Autumn Period:春秋时期 the Spring and Autumn Period:观念体系 extensive and profound:博大精深 humanistic philosophy:人本哲学 rests on :依赖于……,寄托于,基于…… oriental culture:东方文化 the dominant facet of :……的中流砥柱
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