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社交英语05. 那你为何不充分利用网路呢?
05. 那你为何不充分利用网路呢?

Sue: So why don't you take full advantage of the Internet?
苏: 那你为何不充分利用网路呢?
Rose: What do you mean?
柔丝: 你的意思是?
Sue: All you think about is your students and music!
苏: 你满脑子想的都是学生和音乐!
Rose: That's my job. I love my job!
柔丝: 那是我的工作。我热爱我的工作。
Sue: But 2) there's more to life than a job, Rose.
苏: 但生活除了工作还有其他的东西,柔丝。
Rose: You're talking about men again.
柔丝: 你又在说男人了。
Sue: You guessed it.
苏: 你猜对了。
Rose: I'm NOT interested.
柔丝: 我没兴趣。
A: You're welcome to stay at my place until you find an apartment of your own.
B: I don't want to take advantage of your hospitality.
【You guessed it.你猜对了】
当别人在你的话中得到足够的线索,接着说出你想说的话,你可以说You got it.(你说对了)假如你讲得很含糊,对方还是猜出你的意思,你应该说You guessed it.
A: Don't tell me she's been listening to the fortune-teller again.
B: You guessed it. She says we have to get married on January 2nd, or we'll have bad luck.
1) take full advantage of... 充分利用……advantage 是“好处”
2) there's more to life than... 生活除了……还有更多
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