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社交英语06. 用电脑交朋友
06. 用电脑交朋友

Sue: Do you want to 1) end up an 2) old maid?
苏: 你想变成老小姐吗?
Rose: Im happy as a 3) single woman.
柔丝: 我乐于做单身女郎。
Sue: Maybe now, but what about when you're old?
苏: 或许现在是,但你老的时候怎么办?
Rose: I'll worry about that then.
柔丝: 我到那时再担心也不迟。
Sue: A lot of women like you meet nice men in 4) chat rooms.
苏: 很多像你这样的女人,在网路聊天室碰到不错的男人。
Rose: You mean where you can talk with people 5) one-on-one?
柔丝: 你是指那种可以跟人一对一谈话的地方?
Sue: Sure! Lots of people do it.
苏: 是啊!很多人这样做。
Rose: Use a computer to find friends? I don't know. It's not for me.
柔丝: 用电脑交朋友?我不确定耶,这不适合我。
A: I keep gaining weight.
B: If you don't watch out, you'll end up as big as your mother.
【I'll worry about that then.我到那时再担心也不迟】
【It's not for me.这不适合我】
1) end up 结束,落得……的下场。
2) old maid 老小姐
3) single woman/man 单身女子/男子
4) chat room 网络聊天室
5) one-on-one 一对一
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