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社交英语07. 没时间
07. 没时间

Sue: The Internet is a 1) safe way to meet lots of different people.
苏: 要结交各式各样的人,网络是个安全的方法。
Rose: But I don't have time. I need to do my research.
柔丝: 但我没时间。我必须作研究。
Sue: If you find someone with the same 2) interests, it might help your research.
苏: 假如你在网上找到有共同兴趣的人,对你的研究或许有帮助。
Rose: Well, maybe I'll 3) give it a try, for my research.
柔丝: 嗯,为了研究,我或许会试试看。
Sue: Great! Let me know what happens!
苏: 太好了!结果怎样要告诉我喔!
A: Did the robbers take anything valuable?
B: No. Thankfully they couldn't find my safe.
【give it a try 让……试试看,放手一搏】
give it a try就是放手去试试看的意思,同样的意思你也可以说成Let's give it a shot.或是Let's give it a go.
A: Do you think we can finish this project today?
B: I don't know, but let's give it a try.
1) safe (a.) 安全的
2) interest (n.) 兴趣,喜好
3) give...a try 让……试试看
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