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社交英语25. 她放我鸽子
25. 她放我鸽子

Sue: Well, how did it go last night?
苏: 怎么样,昨天晚上怎么样?
Rose: It went OK.
苏: 还好。
Sue: What does that mean? Did you meet that young girl?
苏: 这是什么意思?你有没有见到那个小女孩?
Rose: No, she 1) stood me up. And she didn't send me an e-mail to say why.
柔丝: 没有,她放我鸽子,而且也没有寄电子邮件告诉我怎么回事。
Sue: So did you go home?
苏: 所以你就回家了?
Rose: No. I stayed to have a 2) drink.
柔丝: 没有。我留下来喝了一杯。
Sue: A drink? Do you mean an 3) alcoholic drink? But Rose, you don't drink!
苏: 喝一杯?你是说喝酒吗?但是,柔丝,你不喝酒啊!
A: Are beverages included in the price?
B: Yes. But only non-alcoholic ones.
【to stand someone up 放(某人)鸽子】
当你跟人约会,在约定的时间地点却没看到对方,就可以说I was stood up. 我被放鸽子。或是He stood me up.他放我鸽子。
A: I waited for him for an hour! He never came!
B: He stood you up again?
A: Can't you go out with her another day?
B: It's too late to cancel, and I don't want to stand her up.
1) stand...up 放(某人)鸽子,跟(某人)约会却没有出现,stood 是 stand 的过去式。
2) drink (n.,v.) 酒(饮料),喝(酒)
3) alcoholic (a.) 酒精的
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