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社交英语27. 他不是我喜欢的类型
27. 他不是我喜欢的类型

Rose: He's just not my 1) type. And he's not 2) interested in me.
柔丝: 反正他不是我喜欢的类型,而且他对我没兴趣。
Sue: So what's he after?
苏: 那他对什么感兴趣?
Rose: He's interested in taking piano lessons.
柔丝: 他想学钢琴。
Sue: A computer 3) geek wants to study piano?
苏: 一个玩电脑的想学钢琴?
Rose: That's what his friend told me. He'll be my first 4) adult student.
柔丝: 那是他朋友告诉我的。他会是我第一个成年学生。
Sue: Well, if he likes piano, he could be your type 5) after all.
苏: 嗯,假如他喜欢钢琴,他可能还是你喜欢的那一型。
Rose: Don't 6) get your hopes up. He's just my student.
柔丝: 你就别指望了,他只是我的学生。
A: This film has an R rating.
B: Well, we're adults. We're allowed to watch it.
【to be interested in someone/something 对(某人/某事)有兴趣】
对人和东西发生兴趣的时候,要说I'm interested in...(我对……有兴趣。)而觉得一个东西有趣的时候,则要说I found...very interesting.(我发觉……很有趣。)
A: Look at the way he stares at me...
B: He's obviously interested in you.
A: What do you want to major in?
B: I'm interested in Art History.
1) type (n.) 类型
2) be interested in...对……有兴趣
3) geek (n.) 电脑玩家,只懂电脑的怪人
4) adult (n.,a.) 成人,成人的
5) after all 终究,毕竟
6) get hopes up 燃起希望
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