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名人故事(音频):富兰克林·罗斯福 Franklin Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt was one of the most important leaders of twentieth century America and perhaps in the whole span of American history. He significantly changed the role of the federal government in the American system,his ideas and prejudices helped to determine the shape of the post-World War II world, and he changed the nature and constituency of the Democratic Party. In addition, his administration did much to give American labor and agriculture the form they have today.
Roosevelt's ideas for helping the country were labeled "the New Deal".Though he was not personally responsible for all the programs tried and laws passed in his years as president, he was the man in charge. Supporters and critics alike measured succeeding presidents and other leaders against him.

For those admired Roosevelt, a later leader was as good as, or not as good as their hero. Those who disliked, even hated F.D.R, complained that a later president was as bad as, or worse than Roosevelt. Such strong feeling was common during the New Deal years
Whether people liked or disliked F.D.R. they could not overlook the impact he had had and continues to have. Almost every president since Roosevelt' s time has supported or opposed the Roosevelt legacy but could not and cannot ignore it. If the significance of a leader is measured by the lasting impact on succeeding leaders and generations, then Franklin Roosevelt is one of the most important people of the twentieth century.
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