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  1. 白宫准备过圣诞了!这些图一定不能错过

    First lady Melania Trump, staff, and volunteers have been planning what the White House will look like for Christmas since the summer. 美国第一夫人、白宫工作人员和志愿者们从夏天就开始准备白宫的圣诞节 ...
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  2. 世上还是好人多:捡到钱包送回 顺便帮你凑个整吧!

    Losing a wallet is one of those careless acts most of us have fallen prey to, at some point or the other in our lives. While most of us tend to move on after mourning over the lost necessities, there are a few lucky ones who get them back,
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  3. 大熊猫搬家啦!“贡贡”和“舜舜”首次亮相新家海南

    Giant Panda Shunshun makes public debut at the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden in Haikou, South China's Hainan province, Nov 25, 2018. Giant Pandas Gonggong and Shunshun from Sichuan Province came to Hainan and made publ
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  4. 别瞎猜了!萌德真的是直的!

    Shawn Mendes wishes he didn't care if you thought he was gay. 萌德说,要是自己不在意别人对他性取向的看法就好了。 In a new Rolling Stone cover story,the 20 year-old heartthrob singer talked about the constant speculation he is closeted. 在
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  5. 吸粉2万,时尚女王贝嫂开设了美妆频道 !

    Victoria Beckham is launching her own YouTube channel for beauty tips and styling tutorials to the excitement of fans. 维多利亚贝克汉姆正式创建了自己的YouTube频道,提供美容秘诀和造型教程,这让粉丝们兴 ...
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  6. 什么才是完美的身材?这位健身博主给出了她的答案...

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or so they say. But is it really? We are all influenced by the zeitgeist, whether we like it or not, and the beauty standards of our times definitely impact on what we perceive to be attractive. 人们总
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  7. 《狮子王》要翻拍真人版了!预告片原版大对比

    1994 was a big year. Nelson Mandela became the President of South Africa, The Channel Tunnel between England and France opened after 6 years of construction. And, of course, Disney released The Lion King, which eventually became the highes
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  8. Quora精选:中国人多久说一次我爱你

    In Chinese culture how common is it to regularly say I love you? 中国文化里面,人们通常多久说一次我爱你? 获得1.6k好评的回答@Diane Yang I can't remember a single time that my parents explicitly told me I love you. However, I can clearly re
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  9. 超搞笑反喵星人电脑装置:哈!这下你没招了吧

    Cats love being the center of dear owners attention, and will often go to great lengths to ensure they get it. However, they face competition against the phones and computers with which we interact with increasing frequency, and so they fi
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  10. 打败Gaga和霉霉,她才是2018最赚钱的女歌手!

    Katy Perry has been unveiled as the highest-paid woman in music. 据报道,凯蒂派瑞成为收入最高的女音乐人。 Forbes's annual list saw the musician claim the No. 1 spot with an accumulated $83m between June 2017 and June 2018, with much of the
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  11. 庆祝感恩节的其他国家

    The United States isn't the only nation to mark Thanksgiving; similar celebrations are held in Canada, Grenada, Liberia, Japan and Germany. 美国并不是唯一一个庆祝感恩节的国家。其他像加拿大、格林纳达、利比里亚、日本和德国也有庆祝活动。 In C
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  12. 有没有那一瞬间你觉得生活就是个巨大的阴谋?(下)

    在上一期文章里,普特君给大家讲到了生活中一些常见的陷阱,有事可能会让你开始怀疑人生,那些明明功能对等但价格不合理的女性用品,那些商家为了刺激消费而故意生产出的有缺陷的产品等等......其实,类似的陷阱远超出我们的想象。一起来看看吧! Textbooks,
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  13. 威廉不让孩子玩iPad?采访透露电子设备的危害

    As for Prince William, he has hesitations about bringing tablets and social media into the lives of his children, saying that phones might not be all they're cracked up to be. 威廉王子很犹豫要不要将平板电脑和社交媒体带入孩子们的生活,他说
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  14. 肇事逃逸?没关系,目睹全程的小学生来帮你!

    If you have a car its likely that you have been the victim or offender of a hit-and-run. Whether its just a scratch or heavy damage, its just common courtesy to leave a note when these situations arise, however, not everyone is so polite.
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  15. 宜家照片太无聊 不如换成自己的?

    A young Lithuanian couple recently got their five minutes of online fame after spending a whole day replacing over 100 framed stock photos at an IKEA store in Vilnius with photos of themselves without attracting any attention from the staf
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