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According to TheVerge, the five Emoji skin tone options are not accommodating to a diverse world, and users need more than those five choices. People come in so many different shapes, sizes, skin colors, features, and countless other characteristics that differentiate us in the best ways possible, however, Apple doesn’t seem to be up to speed on those differences.

Apple first introduced the five Emoji skin tones back in 2015, and now, three years later, users change the default option more than you’d think, leading to countless device owners wanting more options. A study was conducted that interviewed an array of different people, from different backgrounds who frequently use the Apple Emojis on social media and text messaging, all of which believe there should be more options for users to choose from.
早在2015年,苹果就首次推出了五种 Emoji表情符号肤色,三年后的今天,用户对默认选项的更改超出了你的想象,导致无数设备用户想要更多的选项。一项研究采访了来自不同背景、经常在社交媒体和短信上使用苹果表情符号的不同人群,他们都认为用户应该有更多的选择。
The interviewer, Zara Rahman, actually wrote a piece called "The Problem With Emoji Skin Tones That No One Talks About“, which is what essentially sparked this study to happen, adding to the movement of getting Apple to expand its skin tone options. If you didn’t know, Apple is actually not the ones that come up with what becomes an emoji, that fate all lands in the hands of Unicode Consortium, which is the body that ultimately creates each and every Emoji you’ve seen on your mobile device.

Apple and Unicode are currently in the hot seat as users are now putting immense pressure to get more Emoji skin tones created for its diverse number of users. A brilliant idea was introduced during the study, where one person mentioned the use of a color wheel that allows users to choose a color from the wheel, which then applies to the Emojis, rather than clicking an Emoji, and only selecting from the five skin tones that pop up. This way, people are able to choose the colour that is best for them, which then gets used for all Emojis.
Apple and Unicode Consortium have yet to comment on the matter, however, we don’t see a reason why the two companies wouldn’t step up to the plate and come up with a solution to this issue, that can be so easily fixed.
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