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搭配 “go out“ 和 “hang out“ 都包含 “进行娱乐、社交活动“ 的含义,但它们之间有微妙的区别,需要结合语境来理解。首先,“go out“ 的基本含义是 “离开家出去进行一项活动“,通常用来表示 “出门进行一项娱乐或社交活动“,也就是口语里常说的 “出去玩“。例如: I’m going out with some workmates today. 我今天要和几个同事出去玩。 不过,“go out“ 也泛指 “离开家,出门“,比如:I’m going out to the shops. 我要去商店。注意,搭配 “go out with someone“ 的意思则是 “与人交往“。搭配“hang out“ 的意思是“没有特定目的地一起待着“,其后可接someone 或somewhere表示“和某人一起玩 hang out with someone“、“去某处玩 hang out somewhere“。 I’m hanging out with friends tonight. 今晚我要和朋友们一起玩。 We’re going to hang out at a bowling alley. 我们要去保龄球馆玩。 例句: After school, I always hung out with my friends at the park. 以前放学后,我总是和朋友们一起去公园里玩。 Phil and his friends were going out for a meal. 菲尔要和他的朋友们出去吃饭。 Ann and Andrew have been going out for a year – their relationship is getting quite serious. 安和安德鲁已经交往一年了,他们的关系现在相当稳定。
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