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用 “铅笔 pencil“ 写下的字可以用橡皮擦掉。短语 “pencil something in“ 和 “pencil someone in“ 就借用了铅笔的这个属性,它用在已知事情的安排会发生改变的情景当中,表示 “草定、临时安排“。 例句: I’d love to see you for lunch on Friday but I may have to work. Can you pencil me in and I’ll get back to you? 我很想这周五和你一起吃午饭,但我可能得工作。要不先暂时把我排上,我随后再给你回复,你看行吗? Let’s try to pencil in a date for our holiday – we can always change it later! 我们先试着暂时定下度假的日子,我们可以之后再改! We’ve penciled in a few possible dates for our staff training day, but we’ll have to see which is the most convenient for the team! 我们草拟了几个开展员工培训日的可行日期,但我们需要看看哪一天对团队最方便。
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