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“节能减排“ 国家发改委主任张平称,中国将公布计划,对总能耗进行强制控制。张平表示,该计划连同为2011-2015年设定的能源密度目标一起,将为节能减排提供政策方针,不过他并没有透露具体的进程。 请看相关英文报道: China is set to unveil a plan to impose controls on total energy consumption, said zhang ping, director of the national development and reform commission (ndrc) on friday. The new plan, together with an energy-intensity target that has already been set for the period between 2011 and 2015, will provide policy guidelines for energy conservation and the reduction of emissions, said zhang, without outlining a timetable. 解析 在上述报道中,"energy consumption"就是“能耗“的意思。而"energy conservation"则表示“能源保护、节能“。表示“减少排放“用"the reduction of emissions"。所以"energy conservation and the reduction of emissions"就是指“节能减排“啦~ Because of the large scale, some problems such as equipments aging, big energy consumption, high operation costs exist in this factory. 这家工厂由于规模大 ,在运行中存在设备老化、能耗大、运行管理费用高等问题。 The state formulates preferential policies in support of projects for demonstration and dissemination of energy conservation. 国家制定优惠政策,对节能示范工程和节能推广项目给予支持。 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, will be at the heart of the deal. 温室气体减排是谈判的中心问题。
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