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1. Some people have all the luck. 有些人就是那么幸运 2. Don't be such a poor loser. 不要输不起 3. Don't cry over spilt milk. 覆水难收 4. It wouldn't hurt to ask. 问人又不会怎么样 5. have one's head in the clouds 心不在焉 6. Never say die. 决不要灰心 7. seeing is believing 眼见为实 8. sth. is better than nothing 有总比没有强 9. Talk is cheap. 光说没有用 10. turn over a new leaf 重新开始 11. The feeling is mutual. 有同感 12. the calm before the storm 暴风雨前的宁静 13. Tomorrow is another day. 明天又是崭新的一天 14. bury the hatchet 言归于好;和好 15. in the nick of time 及时 16. There's no such thing as a free lunch. 天下没有免费的午餐 17. What's done is done. 做了就做了 18. When the chips are down. 在重要关头;到了关键时刻 19. bet one's bottom dollar 确信无疑 20. Haste makes waste. 欲速则不达
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