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走遍美国 Episode 24-3 Parting Friends
Millie: How about some music?
Sandra: No, let's wait till Robbie gets back from the airport.
Millie: Did she say why she had to leave today?
Mike: She told Robbie that her flight tomorrow was canceled, so she had to take an earlier flight today.
Millie: This is terrible.
Mike: Well, that must be him.
Sandra: Why is he blowing his horn like that?
Mike: I don't know. Maybe he's angry.
Sandra: Do you think we should take down the decorations? They'll just make him sad.
Mike: Too late now. We should have done it sooner. Oh, here he comes.
Mike: Hi, How'd it go?
Robbie: OK, I guess. Especially when Alexandra gave me a surprise...
Mike: Yeah? What was it?
Robbie: This!
Mike: Alexandra!
Sandra: Hi! What happened?
Alexandra: I called my parents from the airport. When I told them my friends were giving me a party, they insisted that I stay. So now I'm taking a flight on Monday instead.
Mike: That's great! Terrific!
Sandra: But how did you know the party was for you?
Alexandra: Well, Robbie told me when he gave me this.
Sandra: Oh, it's so pretty!
Alexandra: It's lovely, Robbie.
Millie: All right! Now we can really start the party!
Alexandra: No. Would you mind? I'd like to say something first.
Philip: Hear, hear!
Alexandra: I should just like to thank all of you, my friends, who have made my stay in the Unite States so wonderful. And to Robbie and the Stwart family for opening their home to me.
Robbie: We should thank you. You're a real friend!
Alexandra: And I also have a little surprise for you, Robbie. A little going-away present.
Robbie: Thank you.
Alexandra: Open it, please. I think you might be amused.
Robbie: OK. I can't believe it!
Alexandra: I guess we were thinking the same thought.
Robbie: You had it engraved!
Ellen: Read it, Robbie.
Robbie: "In friendship, always. Alexandra." I knew we thought alike, but this is too much! Thank you.
Mike: All right! Let's have some music!
Robbie: Miss Pappas?
Alexandra: Mr.Stewart...
Philip: Mrs. Stewart, may I have this dance?
Ellen: My pleasure, Doctor.
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