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走遍美国 Episode 24-1 Parting Friends
Robbie: Hi, Mom.
Ellen: Hi, Robbie You're home from school early.
Robbie: Yeah, they're getting the assembly hall ready for the graduation ceremony, so we all got to go home early. Too noisy to study.
Ellen: Well, now that you're here, you can help me with dinner. I need those potatoes peeled and sliced.
Robbie: Mom, give me a break Alexandra's coming over to help me study for my math final.
Ellen: Well, in that case, you can wash the dishes and clean up after dinner.
Robbie: Can I invite Alexandra to stay for dinner?
Ellen: Of course.
Robbie: Thanks, Mom.
Ellen: You and Alexandra have become good friends, haven't you?
Robbie: Yes. I like her.She's a terrific person. I'm going to miss her when she goes back to Greece.
Ellen: Would you like to give her a little farewell party?
Robbie: Mom, that would be terrific! Maybe we could make it a surprise.
Ellen: Oh, I don't know. Surprise parties don't always work out.
Robbie: Well, we could tell her it's a graduation party for me. When Alexandra arrives, we'll surprise her.
Ellen: Well, I suppose that might work.
Robbie: I'd like to give her a nice going-away present.
Ellen: Fine.
Robbie: There's only one problem.
Ellen: What's that?
Robbie: I'm broke. I should have saved some money.
Ellen: I'm sure Alexandra would be happy with something simple, Robbie.
Robbie: I know. But, well, I'd like to give her something nice to remember me by. Maybe I could borrow some money from you and Dad.
Ellen: It's all right with me if it's all right with your dad.
Robbie: Thanks, Mom. I'll talk to him. Is he still in his office?
Ellen: I think so.
Robbie: Thanks, Mom.
Ellen: Robbie! Good luck!
Molly: Here are the X-rays you wanted , Dr. Stewart.
Philip: Oh. Thank you, Molly. Now, let me check them.
Molly: What do you think?
Philip: I don't see any breaks or fractures. Well, well. Thank you, Molly.
Molly: Thank you.
Philip: Come in! Hi, Son.
Robbie: Hi, Dad. Am I interrupting you?
Philip: No, no, no, no,. What's up?
Robbie: Can we talk?
Philip: Sure.
Robbie: I need some help.
Philip: Well, that's what fathers are for.
Robbie: Well, before I go to college, I have the whole summer...
Philip: Yes...
Robbie: And I'm planning to get a job for the summer.
Philip: And What sort of job?
Robbie: I applied for a job as a lifeguard at the community pool.
Philip: Sounds pretty good.
Robbie: Yes. I'll be earning pretty good money if I get it. But right now, I'm kind of short of cash.
Philip: Who isn't?
Robbie: And my friend Alexandra is going to Greece...
Philip: Nice girl. We'll all miss her.
Robbie: Mom says we can her a going-away surprise party.
Philip: Good idea.
Robbie: And I'd like to get her a nice gift...
Philip: What'd you have in mind?
Robbie: Well, a wristwatch, so she'll think of me when she looks at the time. Nothing flashy or expensive. Something simple-but a good one.
Philip: Sounds fine, Robbie.
Robbie: Well, I saw a nice watch. But I'll need a loan. If you could lend me the money, I could pay you back out of my lifeguard salary.
Philip: Well, I guess your mother and I can manage it. When do you need the money?
Robbie: Would tomorrow be OK?
Philip: You've got it.
Robbie: Thanks, Dad.
Philip: My pleasure, Son. Oh, and, Robbie...
Robbie: Yes?
Philip: You'll probably want the family car so you can drive her home after the party.
Robbie: Could I?
Philip: If you drive carefully.
Robbie: I will. Thanks, Dad.
Philip: My pleasure.
Robbie: You're OK, Dad.
Philip: You're not so bad yourself, Son.
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