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钱大家都爱,money 也会说,那么有哪些跟钱有关的俗语呢???一起来看看吧
7.jpg 1. Balance the books: to add up all the credits and debits of an account 结算、结账 “Thomas is in charge of balancing the books at the end of each quarter for the business“ 8.jpg 2. Bring home the bacon : to earn money to support the family 赚钱谋生、养家糊口 “James does overtime so that he can bring home the bacon.“ 9.jpg 3. Go Dutch: splitting (sharing) the bill equally AA制、平分账单 “Matthew and Hazel always go dutch when they eat out.“ 10.jpg 4. Gravy train: A job that pays a lot of money for very little effort 赚大钱的清闲差事、美差、肥缺 “Ian earns a fortune for three hours’ work a day. He’s really on the gravy train!“ 11.jpg 5. Nest egg: Money that has been saved up over a period of time 储蓄金、储备金 “Over the years Leo has been very disciplined and saved every month. He now has a big nest egg on which he can retire.“ 12.jpg 6. Cook the books: dishonest accounting 做假账 “The financial world has seen many business that have cooked the books to make their businesses attractive to potential investors.“ 13.jpg 7. Golden handshake: A payment to a departing employee (normally the top executives) 解雇金、退职金 “As CEO, Ross was given a golden handshake when he agreed to leave the company.“ 14.jpg 8. Cheapskate: A person who does not like to spend money on people (This is not used as a compliment) 小气鬼、吝啬鬼 “Thomas did not want to spend $5 on flowers for his mother. What a cheapskate!“
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